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"Joanna Gerard has a true gift, she is able to channel information before you have a chance to say anything."
~ Paula from St. Petersburg, Florida

Psychic Reading

What is a Psychic Reading

A psychic reading isn't just about paranormal powers. It's about knowledge and skill too. Many readers use tarot cards to guide them, for the dream-like images on the cards have specific meanings, and an experienced reader can interpret these images and connect them to you and your story. The kind of creative intuition needed here is not a psychic ability, but many readers are also clairvoyant and able to add to the information a spread of tarot cards provides by using their inner visions. Playing cards, runes, crystals and a whole dazzling array of tools and methods help them focus on the patterns and potential of your present circumstances and your future. And thanks to their innate sympathy and empathy with human nature, they can also offer reassurance, encouragement, and honest, non-judgmental advice.

Choosing a Psychic

Why am I different?

Far too often, people visit a " psychic" and find that they are either cheated out of money, or know EVERYTHING about the psychics' life, that the client ends up leaving feeling like a counselor by the time the reading is over.
A true psychic does not ask too many questions, and certainly does not talk about themselves during a reading. A true psychic will pick up on your life situations, without knowing the slightest thing about you.
Joanna makes a point to keep her readings down to earth; she has a unique system and only asks people their name and birthdate. She asks for no hints about their personal lives, but will immediately begin talking to her client about what is going on, she speaks quickly and lots of information is given in a very short time.


Listen to what others have to say

I have booked appointments with Joanna now for 3 yrs. her readings are great. She has always given true, good readings, and continues to do so each time I see her.
I will continue to book with Joanna, as I have been to "others" but not the same good true readings and concern Joanna has and delivers to you...every time!!
Angela - Dunedin, Fl

I just want to thank you for your reading. It happened exactly the way you told me it would! Thanks for your advice, I made the correct choice. Now, I feel more confident in life and I know what to expect in certain areas of my life that were very obscure before I met with you. Thanks for sharing your gift the way you do. God Bless you always. Hope to see you again soon!
Magy -Tampa, FL

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